Friday, June 21, 2013

Next step in my journey....

At 255lbs I was finally ready to say bye-bye to the weight...and I did, but not with much change in eating on my part. I know that may surprise some of you but very early on I was burning so many calories that I was able to eat just about anything.I was working out, chasing 2 kids and breastfeeding a 3rd. There were months where I was eating 2,000 calories! And I was losing weight!!  
Yeah, I know.  At the time it was great. I loved still being able to eat what I wanted and still see the scale going down. But it hasn't helped me in the eating department. I need to have a strict & exact plan or else I fall apart. So I did a little research and found something that seems to have both things I was looking for....It's affordable & has a plan. I ordered the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse from my girl Alyse. Most of you know I have been on vacation so I thought starting as soon as I get back was the best way to go...I don't want to bring any of my vacation habits home with me, per say. I also bought Catalyst. It's supposed to provide your body with the things it needs to get lean & toned which, with 40lbs to go, is what I'm looking for.
So I hope you continue to follow me throughout this next may not be everyone's choice but it's what I feel will help me get to my ultimate goal. And since we all know great weight loss is 80% diet, I have to get this shit under control...fur reelzzzz!
I will get you my starting stats and update you along the 10 days. Once done with the cleanse, I will begin the 30 Day Challenge (I hope some of you will join me wink* wink*). This challenge was on Coregasms and I fell in love instantly! You can read more about the challenge here. It sorta bring everything I need together and breaks it all down....
                                                                      little words people, I freaking talk to kids all day! j/k 

I will update you everyday on instagram & facebook with my food & how I'm feeling along with before/after pictures & measurements. I also will have an awesome Sponsored Giveaway (1st one ya'll) at the end of it all!!!!!!

So stay tuned...cause this bitch has a girls weekend in Key West come labor day and I will be in the 150's dammit!!!


  1. Everyone has to find their own path, even though the one I use works the best. LOL Good luck and have a great weekend!

  2. I've heard allot of great things about the cleanse! Can't wait to see how it goes - I'm def interested!

  3. I think I would like to join you in the 30 Day Challenge. I don't have a blog or anything though. Is that ok?