About Me

I am a Full Time Stay at Home Mom of 3 beautiful children, all under the age of 6. 

I have been fat most of my adult life.

Both of these pictures were taken the year I graduated HS circa 2001. Not sure what my actual weight was, I'm gonna ballpark and say 200's

Then I met the man of my dreams...a guy who every woman wants...someone that loves them no matter what size. We married on 04-15-2006

I weighed in here at about 185lbs

We started a family very shortly after that & now have 3 beautiful & healthy children! With all 3 kids I exceeded the 200lb mark & at my heaviest, weighed in at 255lbs when going to deliver #3, ugh!
 Mets Game 03-01-2012

So this is where this blog begins!

After having our 3rd child I was fed up with always being the fat chick with the pretty face...tired of feeling so inadequate next to my, much skinnier, friends. I wanted to feel good & look good too! So i made myself get off my ass & take care of me for once, and that's just what I have done! 

5 Days Postpartum 11-1-2011

Pre-delivery 39 weeks, 255lbs - 2 weeks Postpartum, 233lbs - 1yr 12 days later 11-13-2012, 185lbs

I am very proud of how far I have come and continue to work to get to my ultimate goal of 130lbs. Through this journey I have discovered a love of fitness & after baby #1 I became a certified Group Fitness Instructor. Probably one of my most proudest moments, after childbirth of course. I have good & bad days just like everyone else. I struggle with feelings of defeat & want to give up a lot...which is where YOU come in!

I started this blog to keep myself accountable & to reach out to others who are going through the same thing. For those of you who maybe need a little encouragement & motivation. I am just a regular mom trying to get this weight off the right way for once in my life. If I can do it & juggle 3 children, anyone can do it. You just have to put in the work. I didn't know where this blog would take me & currently I am working on getting my personal training certification & hopefully starting my own biz on the side where I can still be the mom I want to be. 

If you are reading this, your following along with me & I am so happy to have you on my journey. Maybe this will inspire you to go through your own journey, whatever it may be.



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