Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Macros Schmacros......

You know you've heard about them....honestly, I had no idea what people were talking about but as I've gotten healthier & looked further into ways to improve my diet, I stumbled across IIFYM (if it fits your macros)
The concept is pretty easily understood once you wrap your head around it. You eat a certain amount of calories based on your activity level and divide that number into the 3 different groups; Carbs, Fat & Protien. Everyone is different and you have to play around with your #'s to get something that works best for you. I did this months ago and I loved being pretty free to eat what I want and I was mostly full throughout the day, there were some days that couldn't eat everything I needed to but had to force myself. The only downside to it is you have to be good at math & good at planning...and I am neither of those things, lol.

If you follow Megan over at Skinny Meg like I do, she blogged about doing this for herself and I was super excited! I love her blog and her honesty when it comes to things....I also love watching her progress so when I saw her photos the other day, I was amazed! It's a 15lb difference but what a change....her body is changing and that's just what I need. So I'm giving counting my macros another shot. I set up My Fitness Pal to reflect the ratios I wanted and I track everyday so follow along with me. It's super easy to do if you haven't already, just click Goals at the top and then customize! So once I did my calculations on Macro Fit, this is what it gave me:

I'm excited to try some new foods but the hardest part, will no doubt, be getting in all that protien. It's a lot and I know I don't even come close to it on a day to day now so that will be my biggest change.....but I need this change. Already with adding more weights & doing less cardio, I see my body starting to change shape. Less in the middle, order legs & arms....I'm hoping with this knowledge I become a better & healthier person. I'm not perfect & I don't claim to know everything, but I do know you have to find something that works for you & your lifestyle. I'm hoping that this is it.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Plan . New Me

Sorry I've been absent from blog posts for a while. I've been working really hard to try to get back into a routine that I can stick with and that's challenging so I have sort of been focusing on that and not so much of the writing but I know there are people out there that read this so I decided I needed to get a post up ASAP.
            So, after the 3 day refresh disaster, I was feeling a little defeated. I don't like quitting things that I start....when I start something I want to finish it all the way. I honestly really wasn't happy with the product though....I didn't like it, how it made me feel, how hungry I was. I just felt like I was doing all the wrong things to my body and I've done all the wrong things for a long time and I just didn't want to do it anymore so....I sat down with my trainer friend to come up with a plan. When I started this journey, I religiously wore my BodyMedia Armband.  And I lost weight. I burned anywhere from 3,500 to over 4,000 calories some days. I saw my body change but then I became too confident in my ability to do it on my own so I stopped wearing it. Along the way, I've slapped it on to see where I'm at and am usually quite surprised that I'm not burning calories like I used to. As of lately, I'm only hitting the 2,600 calorie mark & that's on a day that I'm exercising...some days I almost hit the 3,000 mark but that's a day that I'm running around like a mad woman and that's not realistic & not often. In turn, I'm not losing...I've actually gained over the last 9 months.... All of this makes me then realize that maybe I'm eating too much, too little, not doing the right exercise...whatever it may be, it tells me something ain't right! As my girl Ashley always says, "don't take the damn thing off!" I never listen....this time though, I decided to take her advice...and the advice of my trainer friend and put it to good use.

This was after one of my yard work days, whew!

So I started counting my calories & wearing my damn armband again. I came up with a plan, with the help of both my girls. It includes a hell of a lot more weights, less cardio & a better eating plan. So here was my first 2 weeks:

7/7: none
7/8: cardio am / Zumba pm
7/9: Step
7/10: Arm Day am / CX & Zumba pm
7/11: cardio
7/12-7/13: heavy yard work
7/14: none
7/15: Leg Day am / CX & Zumba pm
7/16: CX & Step am
7/17-7/19: none
7/20: cardio

So out of 14 days, I worked out 9 of them...and went hard. My arms & legs felt like jello for days and I had more energy. My calorie burn started to get higher and I watched myself hit the 3,000 calorie burned mark just about everyday, even on a few days that I didn't hit the gym! It's exciting to see my body working in the right direction again. I'm lifting heavy and I've knocked down the cardio. I need to see those changes....and although it's not reflected on the scale yet, I can see my inches going down and my body fat % went down too. 

So it seems like I'm back on track....and if you don't follow me on Instagram, you should! I post my food, recipes & workouts go friend me!

Monday, July 7, 2014

3-Day Refresh Recap part 2

So today's diet consisted of the exact same thing as yesterday. I didn't enjoy Day 1 so I just left it the same and tried again. I'm going to be very honest with you. I don't want to sugar coat things just to get readers....I'm done with it, I'm not going to even do the last day because it simply wouldn't matter. The refresh claims to be "not a starvation diet" but it is very close to it. You are eating barely 900 calories, and all of those come primarily from the shakes and the healthy fats you are supposed to consume. I have zero energy, a constant headache & (tmi alert) haven't used the bathroom but 1 time. I will say, because of not eating so much, I am drinking a lot more water which I will continue to do from here on out. I will also say it has helped diminish my cravings for the crap. I'm so hungry I actually want real food, lol. I lost a pound, great....I'm not sure how all these people lost these big #'s. Maybe they hold onto a lot of water, maybe they eat a lot of junk. I've done cleanses in the past and the more I've done the less I've lost. I'm not sure why but that's just been my experience. The kit itself has everything you need besides the fresh stuff but I personally think it's not needed to do a refresh like this. Drinking 3 shakes a day and sticking to fruit & veggies would have just about anyone drop some pounds and inches over a couple of days. I don't know if this kit is worth the $70 it costs. All in all, as much as I think it may be a good idea for some, for people like me with a long time in this weight loss journey & the knowledge I have, it's not worth the money. 

Do yourself a favor & do things right. Eat better, exercise & get to your goal like I know we all can. I'm starting tomorrow with a new game plan and will keep you posted! The best thing this cleanse gave me was a Refreshed outlook on my future & my potential to be great.

*the opinions above are based on my own experience

Sunday, July 6, 2014

3-Day Refresh Day 1 Recap

So the decision to do this Refresh was because I saw some pretty awesome results from others and I've creeped up on the scale to a number I never wanted to see again....I cried this morning when I saw 200lbs......I can't tell you how much emotion that brings up in me. And normally, all that emotion would make me eat a sheet cake. Instead, I'm on this damn cleanse. So I had no idea what the refresh was. What it made you eat, what supplements it gave, nada. I just ordered it and waited....well, it's a little intimidating. You eat only fruits, vegetables & healthy fats (in certain portion sizes) and the shakes & fiber drinks that come in the package. The booklet they give you is pretty good, very informative and detailed. I read it all the way through & shopped yesterday for everything I needed.

I was ready to go last night....took pics & measurements. I got up, drank my morning shake & had my 1/2 a banana and went to spin class....that's where my good day ended. The fiber drink was horrible & gritty...everything that you don't want in something you have to chug quickly. I got it down though and went on my way. The plus side to it would be it kept me pretty full which is good considering I've barely eaten. Lunch was the Vanilla Fresh shake with a fruit, veggie & healthy fat. So I did things I thought would keep me full. (1/2 banana, 3/4c broccoli florets & some olive oil) I sort of split them up so I could stave off the hunger. I've been starving all day. The shake was not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. And I have to have it again at dinner so I'm trying to turn it into some sort of ice cream situation in hopes that makes it better. (Just blended it & added some cinnamon, freeze) I paired that with the dinner recipe from the back of the book titled Lemony Green Beans. Seriously, it's just green beans with lemon. Again, have I mentioned I'm starving? I've drank more water today then I can remember just because I need to have something in my stomach which I guess is a good thing but I have a horrible headache.

I started this today because my husband wouldn't be home & I figured him not here would be more helpful...yeah, no. My go to thing when life is out of control is food and this day has made me want to eat everything in the house! It doesn't help that I'm hungry.....oh, food I miss you. 

Stepped on the scale this morning & this is what I saw: -1.4lbs

So here is hoping Day 2 goes a little better....

3 - Day Refresh

Let me just apologize for being completely absent's been one of those months where I have had so much to do and just no time to get it all done....

So the family and I just got back from vacation and I'm definitely feeling the effects of what I ate....although I tried to watch it & did get in a couple miles every night, I am tired and full so I know I didn't behave myself as well as I should have. Anyways, I've seen my FB feed blow up with all these amazing results from Beachbody's 3 - Day Refresh program. It is a brand new program that hasn't been out long but already people are loving it. 

I can see why!

So I reached out to my friend who is a coach and she hooked me up with the full kit (minus the month supply of shakeology) It was delivered today and I immediately ran to the store to plan my 3 days. I'll be honest, looking through the booklet made me a little nervous. It's pretty restrictive and made me think about not doing it. It's 3 days of shakes, fiber drink & lots of fruits and veggies. That's it. No meat, No dairy, No sugar. And for someone that's not a huge vegetable person, I'm a bit scared. But I need this. I need to lose my vacation belly, cut the cravings & get back on track....and I'm hoping this will do it. 

I'm going to be posting all my meals in Instagram and will be checking in with you in the FB page. For now, here are my starting stats:

Weight: 200.2lbs (yikes!)
Waist Measurement: 41"
Hip Measurement: 48.5"

My goal for this cleanse is to stick completely to everything and do this at 100%! I want to do it right for once and have great results! So follow along with me and let's all just pray for the best, lol 

Monday, June 9, 2014

2 years.

2 years ago, I made the decision to get healthier & start this blog. Looking back, I had figured that I would be done getting healthy by now....meaning I'd be at goal. Am I? No, but I'm further than I was when I started all of this. A lot can happen in 2 years. And if you've followed along with me here, you know the endless things I've done and tried to lose the weight....countless times I've stated that I will get to goal and keep the weight off. Numerous blog posts on motivation, failures, accomplishments, tricks, tips, giveaways...I've had it all....all but that one post, that says I've Made It! 2 years ago, I thought I'd be there by now and when I woke up this am, feeling good since 1. It's my birthday & 2. These braces come off today, but then I remembered these goals I had....goals I didn't meet. I wanted to get down on myself, I wanted to be mad that I didn't set out what I wanted to do 2 years ago. And then I took a step back and thought about where I was now & I realized it isn't half bad! I'm smaller than I was, I'm fitter, I'm healthier...happier. I've made the best friends at the gym and I'm only 40lbs from my goal weight. I remember that number being a lot higher when I started all of this. So, instead of being upset at where I'm not at 2 years later, I'm celebrating where I'm going! I will be brace face free in just a few short hours!!!! I will be headed to the gym tonight and having a birthday step class with those people that have become my lifeline & I will be enjoying the day with my little ones who this goal was all for in the first place. I'm able to do things with them I never thought I could because of my limitations and I don't have those anymore...and that's a reason to celebrate in itself. So I'm celebrating today, celebrating making healthier choices and becoming the better person I am today. I'm not at goal and I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get there, but today I don't care! I'm 31, in the best shape of my life, surrounded by people who love me and that's all that matters. Take care in knowing that you are good enough, and you will reach whatever goals you have in mind when you're supposed to, it may not be when we want to but that's not always how it goes sometimes. I was meant for something bigger than what I thought I ever deserved, you are too & together we will hit our goals! 

Have a happy and bright Monday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Falling off the wagon....

And into a 20ft ditch with nothing to grab onto.

It's an awful feeling, failure. And I folks, have failed.

I'm not eating right, I'm not working out much & I'm up to 195lbs. It's not everyday...some days I eat right, other weeks I work out everyday but then other days I eat a sheet cake and don't move from the couch....a little far strung but feels like a reality. Things in my life have me struggling a bit. Family, friends, school commitments....but that shouldn't matter.
For whatever reason, I've let myself slip through the cracks when I used to not skip a workout for anything. I think I'm probably just a little burnt out and I think that's normal. But I really need to get my shit together! Another birthday is approaching and I'm so mad that I'm heavier. My girlfriends may not see it, the husband may not see it but I see it, loud & clear. My belly is back & it's the hardest part to lose and just when I thought I had gotten over the worst of it, I'm back up 20lbs and it feels like it's not going anywhere. I re-joined weight watchers which I haven't been following...but isn't that always how it goes....
I need to find that passion again, that fight to get fit no matter what. I'm hoping with the kids being out of school and less time dealing with all of their activities I'll get back on track. Whatever way I get there, I need to get back to that girl quickly...or before I know it I'll be up even more and I can't let that happen. I made a promise to myself that after this last baby I would lose the weight, not only for myself but for my husband & my kids.
I will do it but I guess I'm just going through a fitness slump....somebody snap me out of it!