Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Today's post is gonna be a bit different....usually Fat Tuesday is about where I have been & how I have gotten to where I am now. Since I've come so far, I want to talk about my future....goals I have set, things I will be doing...Plus a recipe I've tried lately and love!

So where am I at, at this point in my journey?

Well 181lbs as of this am. That is a 74lbs loss since January 2012. I'm quite proud of that number! Looking back, I dreaded the thought of having to lose that much weight. I thought about how far and how hard it would be. I thought about giving up a lot. I mean, it would've been way easier....my husband didn't seem to mind me heavier (and if he did, he never said anything) and with the kids being so little I was Strung Out! To say the least...but in that struggle I found A strong person. A determined person. A hopeful person. So eventually I gathered up my strength and pushed through. The more & more I lost, the better I felt, outside annnd inside. It helped me way more than I ever thought it could. Going to the gym not only helped me lose the weight but it gave me my daily dose of Kid Freedom! I looked forward to lacing up and heading out...dropping those kids in the childcare and having an hour where it was only about me.

Looking forward, I see only good things! I have less than 40lbs to lose and for some that may seem like a lot but for someone who started out having over 100lbs to lose it's wonderful being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And although I know it's not ever gonna stop; I'm gonna have to eat right & exercise for the rest of my life to make sure I don't go back, I look forward to being at my goal weight. A place I have never been.
                                            While I know I will hit it this year, that's pretty much my focus for 2013. Get into the best shape of my life! It's Me Time! Next year, when 2 of the 3 kids are in school full time, I will get my Fitness Certification back and will start teaching again. I wonder where this blog will be now? It pretty much just started out as an accountability tool but as turned into something I never thought possible. I love that you are here & like, comment and friend me on different pages....it brings a smile to my face! I look forward to writing these posts and get nervous when I can't think of anything...or feel like I let you down if I don't post....it has made me very responsible for my actions and has helped me to reach my goals!

So Thanks to You for being there & hopefully I bring you a little strength to continue on in your own journey!

Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe:
I play around in the kitchen a lot. Whipping up things I think will taste good and trying to make it healthier. So I stumbled upon this idea the other morning and although it probably has been done, I've never tried it. It was pretty easy and so good & filled me up for a long time that day. With everything I make, you can make substitutions & totally make it work for you.

2 slices of Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon (cut into pieces)
6Tbsp Egg Beaters
1-2Tbsp Colby Jack Cheese (shredded)
1 Mission Tortilla (carb balance)
Saute bacon till cooked then add eggs. When done, add to the tortilla and fold in half. Put the tortilla back in the pan and press till cheese is melted. Cut into wedges and serve!
This was the best breakfast I've had in a long time & at only 245cals I am one happy camper!!!

*If you ever wanna see what I eat, find me on My Fitness Pal, username Firebride

Have a great week!
Same shirt, different pants. 14lb difference in 3 1/2 months. Smaller through the waist & hips and obviously boobs cause this shirt is huge on me!


  1. Way proud of you! Looking SO slim and strong and awesome!


  2. I can not wait to try the recipe you shared, it sounds wonderful. On my flabby to fabulous adventure I am struggling to keep my eating on the straight and narrow. It seems like fast food is invading my life. Darn you Taco Bell and your tasty treats of doom!! I look forward to sharing in your adventure.



  3. You look amazing!!!! Thank you for linking up with us!