Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday!

It's here again....Five on Friday. If you haven't linked up with The Good Life blog, every friday we come to you with 5 things we are into, liking, or plain just do just doing this week, so here we go.....

1. Catalyst from Advocare. I have to be honest, I had no idea what Amino Acids were....just new that it helped with muscle tone. So I bought them on a whim and a prayer and I am here to tell you, these pills are badass!!! I can see muscles where I didn't before. I feel like I have more energy...they are pretty terrific. And I looked up what Amino Acids are and they are I'm guessing they are helping me add more of that to my diet without having to scarf down lbs of actual meat....

2. I love myself a funny saying on a tshirt...I have quite a few Nike fav is below...I feel like they shit talk without me having to do the talking, nice! You have any good ones?

3. Greg is back!!!! I know that means absolutely nothing to you out there but for me this is huge!!! He is my fav instructor, motivator and friend and he has been away on vacay for a million years 2 weeks. He left right after I got back from mine so it feels like an eternity. Got a good workout in yesterday...

4. Finally met Alyse my Advocare gal and she is the shit! She and her family were vacationing practically in my backyard so I had to jump in the car and head on over to meet her! If you need any information about the Advocare product line or just wanna ask questions about how she has the lost the lbs, just shoot her a question on fb.

5. I put up another giveaway this week with A Tad Monroe! First, let me say how awesome you are out there to turn this little ole' blog into 600 likes on fb! I just think its so amazing and to some that may not be a lot but I'm so excited to be so close to 1, that's where the giveaway comes into play. Share my facebook with all your friends and with every new 100 likes, I will be giving you readers some fabulous jewelry! And we hit 1,000...who knows! If you can't wait till then, check out their Trunk Shows every tuesday eve....I have scored so many cute pieces....

So there you have Five on Friday! Now head on over to The Good Life blog and link up! While your there, check out some of the other ladies on there....

Happy Friday! Make it a great something that pushes you!


  1. Which Amino Acid supplement are you taking?

    1. It's called Catalyst. I think it has either 90 or 120 capsules and I have been taking 3 right before i workout. So far that has been working for me. I know of others who take a lot more than that but its all in what works for you.

  2. I am an Advocare girl also. Love their products. I share a lot of my favorite recipes on my blog if you're ever in need of Advocare friendly meal ideas.

    Have you tried the watermelon spark by the way? I'm a fruit punch girl...but have been dying to try it.

    Have a great weekend.