Monday, August 12, 2013

Motivational Monday

About 6 months ago one of my favorite people moved away....Teri is super hott and super motivating and she up and left us, bitch!!! ;) you know I kid when she made a surprise visit to Attack yesterday am, I was happy & nervous all at the same time.  I was hoping to show her my progress and praying that she actually would see some change and it wasn't just all in my head....cause you know, you can take the fat off a girl but you can't get it out of her head....or something like my satisfaction she says I look amazing which I thoroughly appreciate even though I don't believe it some days.... but this is why I keep these people around....they are there for me when I need it, they push me when they know I can give more (thank you 64 plyos later) & they lift me up when they see a change. It's nice to have that...especially since I get in my head a lot... it's something I'm going to have to overcome....and it make take a long may be long after I'm at goal....even worse, it may never come...cause when are we really happy about our bodies? We are always looking for the next thing to work on....but when do we start working on our heads? That should be numero uno!
 ( Like that? 2 years of high school spanish right there)
6 Months of Hard Work!

It's our heads that need the workout....they need the pep talks as we walk out the door in whatever outfit we have on....praying we look's our heads that tell us to stop or slow as your working on your outside, spend a little time on the inside as well....remind yourself how far you've come with pictures or friends that support you & build you up....maybe take the time to jot a few things down about yourself that you love or are proud of.....and for god sake's, keep pushing through it....through that voice that tells you "you can't do it" so that on days like sunday...when that booming voice from the mic shouts "Morgan Dixon is going to do all the single plyos or I'm starting the music over" (just for clarification, I never said that, lol) you actually do them....maybe with a little hestation....ok, maybe a lot of hesitation...but I did them and some of them even up on stage....and even though my ass hurts and probably will for a few days, I pushed that negative voice out of my head. I'll take that sorta progress for sure!

It was wonderful to see Teri and although she's gone back home she says she will be back in September.... so guess who has some goals to meet by then? Ya, this gal.....Till then girl ♥
Teri & I

Happy Motivation Monday! Make it a great week...
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  1. Awww, I love when old friends come back to visit. And just for the record, I think all three of you ladies in that pic are hot!

  2. You all look great! I'm hoping that I can put a dent in this evil scale over the next 6 months! lol

  3. You do look amazing! So glad you had a wonderful workout with an old friend! That makes it so much better :)

  4. Your head will get it before long, there will be so many people telling you how great you look! You and your friends all look amazing!!