Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Year in Review - 2013

2013 was a good year for me and my weight loss journey. I started off the year at about 190lbs & the goal of completing 12, 5k's for a total of 37.2 miles. Over the course of the year I've struggled with my weight going up & down....mostly down thankfully. And although, because of the holidays, I'm only down about 10lbs or so, my body is much more transformed than I ever thought it would be. My thighs  ,hips & stomach are a lot smaller & more toned.

The 5k's got easier along the way and although I walked more than I ran during most of them, I completed all of them & the one in March was a 8.2 miles so that's right at 40mile! I'm proud of myself! That's a huge accomplishment for me! For a non-runner, I'm happy that I did it, that I stuck with it. Along the way, I've inspired people & I get comments every month about how happy they are seeing me keeping up with it. 

I'm not where I wanted to be, weight wise, but at least it's in the down direction...
1st 5k / 12th 5k
So where is 2014 gonna take me?
I've had a lot of questions about what my resolution will be...if I'm doing more races... And by popular demand, I'm gonna continue on with the 5k's!!!! Why the 5k's? Well, I don't consider myself to be a runner yet...not at all actually. I've done some races but I didn't run them all. And after the March race, and feeling like death the day after, I decided that my limit is about mile 6. 5k's are long enough to keep me interested & pumped but not feeling like crap afterwards...and there is no training required so I can do one last minute if needed. So to bump up the resolution level, I'm going to attempt to run them, all & improve my time as I go....should be interesting....and I love a new challenge! I'm hoping to hit my goal weight just in time for summer.....what is my goal weight you ask? No freakin clue but I guess I'll figure it out along the way...
For this blog, I'd love more of your suggestions on what you want to read about. More recipes? Workouts? Motivation? Help me Help you people!!!
So what are your plans for the New Year?  Goals? Resolutions? 
I find, the best way to get to your destination is to have something to look forward pick one & work towards it. If you don't hit it, at least your closer than if you didn't try. But reward yourself along the way with each milestone.
My girlfriend and I start the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse January 1st. If you want to join us, head on over to Alyse's Advocare page and order your kit today!!!
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Happy New Year! Make it a great one!!!


  1. That's awesome! 10 pounds is still 10 less than you had before! And I love 5ks...they're fun...everyone is excited to start and not crawling across the finish line. Whooo for 2014!!!

  2. I'm just continuing on in 2014 like I started in 2013. I did run one 5k a few years ago and I totally enjoyed the experience. I wanted to do another, but I never did. The distance itself isn't that intimidating (although trying to jog the whole thing, I'm not sure I'm there. I'm not a "runner" either, but I can walk/jog whatever) but I am intimidated by crowds and making the commitment. I'll have to try and get my nerve up for a small, local race and see how it goes.