Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giving Back!

My husband and I are very blessed. We are happy, healthy and have a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. My children have the toys they want and live a pretty carefree life....are we rich? No way...we support 5 people on one income and even sometimes live paycheck to paycheck but we are happy & healthy which is the most important thing. This year has been a great year. For me...for this little ole' blog and I want to give back. I've never done this before besides helping out at the local soup kitchen or given some groceries to the homeless. But I've always wanted to. And with the holidays around the corner, I want to make someone's day, someone's year a little brighter.

A reader turned me onto Wana. They have a long list of people that are in need. Please go through the list & see if there is anyone you can help. I have since contacted my daughter's elementary school and they still have a few families on the "Giving Tree". I will also be heading to a nursing home in the area and giving them goodies and let the kiddos spend some time with them. I am super excited to be giving back...the thought of it has already lifted my spirits.

So with the help of Pinterest & a few friends & readers, this holiday is going to be great! Full of fun, families & blessings.....

Coming up: My 12th 5k Race Recap! The Reindeer Run

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