Sunday, December 29, 2013

Motivational Monday!

New Years Resolutions are common....people make them in hopes that they will complete them & improving themselves, but statistics show that 88% of people who make resolutions fail.

Why do you think that is?
How many times have you said you would take the weight off?
Exercise more?
Eat right?
I have promised myself this more times than I can count.....and every time I fail. I've done every plan out there....tried countless times to get the weight off, it just never happened. I can't tell you what I did or why I failed but I just know that I didn't do it. So when I set out to lose the weight this last time, I knew it needed to be the last time. The last time I made a resolution that I didn't complete. I made the decision to lose the weight, after baby #3. I knew I needed to lose the weight & didn't want to wait till New Years. When that date came, I was down 30lbs and decided I needed to up my game. Make it something fun that I would want to work towards. So, I decided to run 1 5k a month....and to my surprise I did it! 

So why didn't I fail this time?

I think it's because I set myself up to fail so many other times. We all do. We set these unattainable goals and then knock ourselves further down when we don't reach them. Why?

I still can't answer that because, honestly, I'm still very hard on myself. I don't take compliments well, I always see the negative in myself, I set these huge goals and the moment I slip, I just let go. The last few months I had lost that motivation to do this hit my lose the weight for good. I'll chalk it up to the holidays....whatever the reason, I feel like it's starting to come back finally. Maybe I just needed that break away, mentally & physically. So I'm headed into this year with a positive outlook and an attainable resolution. I am doing the 5k's again but with the goal of running them all.

Your motivation for this week is to set realistic resolutions, attainable goals. Don't self sabotage! When there are so many people & things out there already doing that, we need to be our own cheerleader. Keeping us going & cheering us on!

I look forward to 2014 because I know this is my year, the year that I stop all the excuses and reach my goal!

Happy New Year!

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