Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Plan . New Me

Sorry I've been absent from blog posts for a while. I've been working really hard to try to get back into a routine that I can stick with and that's challenging so I have sort of been focusing on that and not so much of the writing but I know there are people out there that read this so I decided I needed to get a post up ASAP.
            So, after the 3 day refresh disaster, I was feeling a little defeated. I don't like quitting things that I start....when I start something I want to finish it all the way. I honestly really wasn't happy with the product though....I didn't like it, how it made me feel, how hungry I was. I just felt like I was doing all the wrong things to my body and I've done all the wrong things for a long time and I just didn't want to do it anymore so....I sat down with my trainer friend to come up with a plan. When I started this journey, I religiously wore my BodyMedia Armband.  And I lost weight. I burned anywhere from 3,500 to over 4,000 calories some days. I saw my body change but then I became too confident in my ability to do it on my own so I stopped wearing it. Along the way, I've slapped it on to see where I'm at and am usually quite surprised that I'm not burning calories like I used to. As of lately, I'm only hitting the 2,600 calorie mark & that's on a day that I'm exercising...some days I almost hit the 3,000 mark but that's a day that I'm running around like a mad woman and that's not realistic & not often. In turn, I'm not losing...I've actually gained over the last 9 months.... All of this makes me then realize that maybe I'm eating too much, too little, not doing the right exercise...whatever it may be, it tells me something ain't right! As my girl Ashley always says, "don't take the damn thing off!" I never listen....this time though, I decided to take her advice...and the advice of my trainer friend and put it to good use.

This was after one of my yard work days, whew!

So I started counting my calories & wearing my damn armband again. I came up with a plan, with the help of both my girls. It includes a hell of a lot more weights, less cardio & a better eating plan. So here was my first 2 weeks:

7/7: none
7/8: cardio am / Zumba pm
7/9: Step
7/10: Arm Day am / CX & Zumba pm
7/11: cardio
7/12-7/13: heavy yard work
7/14: none
7/15: Leg Day am / CX & Zumba pm
7/16: CX & Step am
7/17-7/19: none
7/20: cardio

So out of 14 days, I worked out 9 of them...and went hard. My arms & legs felt like jello for days and I had more energy. My calorie burn started to get higher and I watched myself hit the 3,000 calorie burned mark just about everyday, even on a few days that I didn't hit the gym! It's exciting to see my body working in the right direction again. I'm lifting heavy and I've knocked down the cardio. I need to see those changes....and although it's not reflected on the scale yet, I can see my inches going down and my body fat % went down too. 

So it seems like I'm back on track....and if you don't follow me on Instagram, you should! I post my food, recipes & workouts go friend me!

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