Monday, November 24, 2014

I've been chosen.....

I'm so excited for this!

It's coming up on 3 years of starting this blog & my weightloss journey and along the way I've had up's and down' everyone,  but I never imagined where my blog would take me! When I was featured on and women's I was honored! Never would I have though  that I would be someone they would want to feature. I'm no big star, no different then anyone else out there that struggles to lose the weight. Over this past year, I've struggled to keep the weight off and I've shared those struggles with you. It gets better day by day and then something comes along that makes you push harder!

So last month, I was sent just a general email from The Color Run about starting a Brand Ambassador program for different cities. Now, I love The Color Run! I ran their 5k's last year & volunteered too, you can read about them Here, here  & here . I filled out the long questionnaire they sent without a second thought that I would be chosen. Well guess what? I got an email stating today that I was, in fact chosen as Brand Ambassador for Orlando, FL!!!!! I am super excited to have this honor and even more so that they see what me and this little ole blog can do!!!! 

I've never had a meet & greet and although I've met some of my readers, I would love to meet more of you so here's your chance! Join my team, Orlando Ambassadors and get $5 off using code ORLANDO5 (must be all caps) If your not in my area, you can still use the code for $5 off. 

If this honor wasn't a kick in the ass, I don't know what is! Remember I've started my monthly 5k and this Thursday is The Turkey Trot! I gotta get down a few lbs and gain some confidence in time for my first race as Ambassador. Sometimes it just takes something small to get you there.....

I really hope I see some of you on my team and please spread the word.....

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