Sunday, June 10, 2012

A New Beginning

This is a start of a New me. A New life. A New way of living & eating. A New outlook on food & fitness.
A New Beginning.

So far in my life I've been fat, fatter & fattest. Always trying the new diet out & always gaining all the weight back. In the process I met the man of my dreams and life was good. I had self confidence & was told I was  beautiful almost on a daily basis. We had the fairytale romance & wedding then we then had our children; Channing in 2007, Addison in 2009 & Brody in 2011. After 3 children, not only was I feeling very self conscious but even fatter than before! Having 3 children in just 5 years takes a toll on your body & I had them all via c-section, after having Brody on Oct 26th, 2011 I made a promise to myself that this time would be different. I would lose the weight & keep it off for good! Easier said then done, i know.
June 13th 2012
Nov.1st 2011
So what am I doing differently? Well, I am eating right & tracking it. I tend to be one of those that tracks for a short time then thinks, I know what I am doing and that's when the weight creeps back up! Not this time!!! I am also weighing weekly which helps me stay on track. And by far the most important thing this time is surrounding myself with positive people that motivate me & just give me a overall of feeling of I Can Do It! I started this journey before I started this blog...My starting weight after baby was 255lbs. I am now happy to say I am 197lbs and slowly decreasing....

I hope you stick with me & follow along on your own journey. This blog isn't anything special. I am a regular housewife trying to get the weight off all while juggling 3 kids in the process. If i can do it, anyone can. I hope that in the process I can become someone you count on for motivation & support along the way.

In the meantime...put down the doughnut, stop making excuses & start doing it right for once, do it for YOU for once & let's kick some ass!


  1. This was a great blog Morgan! You have always been beautiful to me, I never seen you as the fat girl. I seen you as a sweet kind person that would do anything for her friends! I love you girl and keep up the good/hard work. But always remember you are beautiful no matter what and I am proud of you!


  2. I was eating a doughnut right when I read the part that said put down that doughnut haha.

  3. very positive, Morgan. i know you can do it.
    every day is a "new beginning"
    i had a rare donut with my coffee this morning. i think it's ok as long as the donut remains "rare.".....isn't it?

  4. There is such a difference in you and your determination before and after Brody. You "worked out" before, but now, you are so driven and it shows! I cannot wait for the day you show someone your "Before" pic and they refuse to believe it's you, because it's coming. You are a woman on a mission, Momma!!!

    Longer, leaner, faster, stronger!