Sunday, June 10, 2012

What you missed over the weekend...

So this weekend was my birthday....Can you guess how old I am? ugh, 29...I know, some of you are thinking your just a baby! But I'm only a year away from the Big 3 0....holy hell! weekend started out great! Drinks & food with friends & family...lots of food, lots & lots of drinks....Got up the next morning and was reminded that I had to go to the gym. Normally I would fake sick and stay in bed but this crazy bitch I'm friends with likes to write nasty things on my facebook page when I don't show up, needless to say I make myself go now....Thanks Ashley ;)

Prepared for death I went to Bodystep which doesn't sound difficult in theory until you take it with Greg who starts shit over if he's not happy and calls you out! He's like a cheerleader on as I held back the puking to take this damn class, I get called out the whole time because I am setup right in front of him, gotta love my girls & thanks for that....then as I get a sip of water he moves my gear to the stage, shit! I have no idea how I did it up there with everyone staring me...during which the great Ashley takes pics of me doing it which I was happy to say later I didn't look nearly as fat as I thought i would. Can anyone remind me why I'm friends with this chick again? lol

So here they all my glory!

Ashley & I

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  1. Haaaaaapy birfdaaaaay tooooooo yoooooooo! I can't imagine WHY you'd think I'd write nasty things on your FB page...I mean, just because I was ready to post "Get your hungover hobo ass out of bed. Your shit's all set up and Greg's got a little something special for you. Happy birthday, Sweetness ;-)" Seriously though...your ass was GREEN about halfway through :-D

    Longer, leaner, faster, stronger!