Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Push through the pain...

Well, through this weight loss journey I thought it would be great to get braces, something I always wanted...once the pain in my head subsides I'll tell you if it was a good idea or, they are painful and not as cute as I hoped but on the plus side they hurt so much that I've been reduced to drinking protein shakes just about every meal which doesn't hurt the weight loss! So I push through and workout like it's not bothering me although someday's my head feels like it's gonna explode!!!
Speaking of protein shakes, I have a good one...they are Visalus (insert shameless plug here) a friend sells them and they taste great, not all grainy like several that I have back to the grind I go, on the schedule today for workouts is Bodypump & Bodycombat, I can see pain in my future, and it's name is Ashley!

1 comment:

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