Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So why are people so negative all the time? Because I am on this mission to get healthy & fit, the moment I make or eat something that is unhealthy people freak the f@#k out...this is why we are the largest country in terms of fat...we deny ourselves things because we are told that you can't eat that, can't have that so then you gourge yourself full of something in secret or maybe out in the open, whatev! Yes, I am watching my calories...yes, I working out everyday...and yes, I can have a f@#king cookie!

It's just so annoying to hear...um, can you eat that? Are you supposed to have that? Work Hard, Play Hard! Now that doesn't mean eat crap all day, everyday...but that does mean you can treat yourself.

So my venting is through & it all started with the fact that I made these delicious things today! And yes, I ate one! And no, you can't have the recipe....that's a secret!

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