Sunday, July 15, 2012

What a weekend....

Weighed in....Lost 0lbs....whatev stupid scale!

This week was full of workouts & tears....I did 3 hrs at the gym on thursday night & said goodbye to my favorite instructor, Lysher. She is truly the best zumba instructor, not only because she is just plain badass! She is also very motivational & just gives us a great workout! I am going to miss her but hopefully she will get classes going again soon.

I had a date night with the hubs too which is rare when you have 3 kids...I am also a big foodie so over the weekend we went to the Food Truck Wars & I got to meet Robyn from this seasons Hell's Kitchen!!! She was so cool & I loved the empanadas & fries I got from her truck, needless to say I am going to have to run my ass on the treadmill for hours to get it off...all in all it was a good weekend!

Here are some pics...Enjoy & have a good week!

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