Monday, July 9, 2012

What? A weigh in?

Yeah, yeah I told you I wouldn't weigh in but I hopped on the scale anyways....I just can't stay away...and I was pleasantly surprised to see 195.2, really? I didn't think I would see a loss at all, especially 1 1/2lbs so I am a happy girl today.

Then got to the gym to do my RPM class & got roped into teaching the water aerobics class cause the sub didn't show up. Some of you may know, I used to teach after having the girls but honestly felt like a fatass...I passed the test and was certified to teach but thought, I can't teach these people when I am as fat as I am then I got pregnant and did not renew my while on this mission I have re-discovered my love for working out & teaching & today just gave me that push that I needed. So I will be working on my certification again, I am so excited! Plus side to that too is if La hires me as a permanent or sub teacher I get a Free Membership, yay!

Well this week I plan to be in the 180's, yes you heard that right...I will lose 6lbs this week. I planned my week of workouts & eating so it will happen!!! I'll leave you with some motivation this week....

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  1. Morgan this is SO AWESOME! I am really proud of you for sticking with this and getting your motivation back! Every little bit helps! I didn't know you used to be a teacher, I think it's great that you wanna do it again! What better way to make some money than to be exercising too ;)

    Once I get some of this weight off I'm going to become a Coach for Beachbody. I'd really like to become a certified trainer and eventually a fitness instructor! Can you believe it? LoL But yep, that's what I wanna do! :) Have a great day!