Thursday, August 2, 2012

What a week!

No weigh in this week but you already knew that since it's thursday  ;)...
It has been quite a week for me my friends...I am employed for the first time in a few years...I am now teaching water aerobics for La Fitness. Lots of plus sides.....I get a free membership & I get paid for working out! I am really looking forward to this journey I am about to take. Working at a gym will give me a little more focus on getting my butt in shape since I am gonna be there everyday no matter what.
Adding a little sadness to this week is my Ashley, she has decided to leave her job here & that makes for a sad me...she is my motivation, my strength, my push when I need it, my will be hard without her here to motivate me but I need to learn to find that motivation within...she will still be around as I have threatened her life if she is not, lol....

Enjoy the week & a good reminder for everyone is find your motivation from needs to come from you & for you to be something you can do for life.

I leave you with a few pics from my great weekend!!!

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