Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Run Bitch Run!

My running playlist name...gotta love it! Has about 20 of my favorite songs to run too....I've just started this running thing and although my "runs" usually include walking, I find myself running further & further without stopping. Still not running at a speed I find acceptable but at least I'm doing it. So last month I started taking measurements because sometimes that scale doesn't move....the scale is a bitch! So my loss this month was 4" & 4lbs, for some, not bad...for me, annoying! I was hoping for way more inches since I feel it in my clothing...what clothing? I have none that fits so I feel like a frumpy housewife...aren't I though?
Trying to get used to this new body of mine is hard...nothing is where it used to be & just as I start to feel better I get discouraged...either with the scale or with myself....everyday is a new day so I try not to beat myself up about it....I wish this process would go a little faster...i feel like it's taking forever & I that I have been at this weight forever....but haven't see 186lbs in quite some time so it was a nice morning when i stepped on the scale. Next goal is 175 then 150 then we will see how it goes....
Don't stop! Don't quit! And remember your worth it!
Enjoy some weekend pics!
From halloween horror nights, with my hubby & my weekend ass beating with my girls!

The gals & I before our Attack class

The hubs & I headed in

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