Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up!

Well it's monday....that means I sum up my week...I am getting better at this running thing....I can go longer in between & love running outdoors versus running on the treadmill. Brody is offically off the boob which means a few things; smaller boobs, more booze & better birth control. Getting back on track this week & not stopping. I don't know how many lbs I have left to go....i know I have quite a bit of fat left that I need to lose but that doesn't always mean lbs lost especially with all my weight training. I really like this runner I am becoming. Never thought I would say that, a runner....I have a couple 5k's planned for the rest of the year but would love to do a half marathon next year, once I am a little smaller....

I would love more readers, so please forward my blog onto your friends & if you haven't already head on over to Mama Laughlin's blog. She is a great motivator & one of my favs...

Have a great week!

*pic below is with my fav cousin along with a pic of me in a skirt that I haven't worn since my high school days!

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