Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving has come and gone & I have found the best way to not gain a pound during the holidays! Just have a household of sick children who then pass it on to you! Lol...yeah all the kids were sick and then sure enough, just as I was so excited to eat myself into a turkey coma, life comes in and tells you that's a bad idea! So instead of eating, I sat around & watched movies with the kids. I was a little lonely but at least the kids were here to keep me company. I do not wish this kind of result on stinks...and 3 days later I still can't smell or taste but at least I don't feel like I got hit by a truck...
So needless to say I still am at 185 and although I wish I was less my milestone is that I didn't gain through a holiday and I don't remember when that has ever happened so goooo me!
Hitting Attack tomorrow so the last of this crap in my body can leave as  sweat..and then it's breakfast with my Grandma Pat. She is visiting us from Oregon and it hasn't been as awesome as a visit that I would have liked because, well, we have all been sick and she is 88..I hope to get a lot of time with her tomorrow though especially with the kiddos.

Back at it this week...taking 5 of Greg's classes this week including tomorrow so I am gonna feel it at the end of this week for sure. Along with my usual 5 classes and a few runs I should be under 185 for sure...

Have a good one this week...push yourself & count al those little milestones.

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