Saturday, December 22, 2012

Think about Why You Started?

Why I started this journey?
Well, I have been fat most of my adult life...I didn't exercise or watch my calories. I remember days that I would just sit on the couch & eat all day, family gatherings that I would stuff my face at, dinner dates I looked forward to, all because of the food. My life revolved around food. I had a passion for eating. The taste, the smell, the feeling I got when I ate it. As I write this now, I think...what the hell, Morgan?
Now married & 3 children later I've discovered a new passion...Motherhood. My world revolves around those kids & the family we have created. I am in awe that I even made something so beautiful & perfect.
So why did I start?
First it was for my wedding, which I worked at it for a whole 3 months, lol. I bought a too big dress & had it sized to fit me so I could be any size I wanted to be. Then it was after baby #1 was born. I gained 60lbs and I knew I wanted more kids so I lost the baby weight right before baby #2 was made...this time gaining only 45lbs and I made sure to lose all of that. Now that sounds good in theory but even after losing the baby weight I was still over 200lbs...not healthy at all. Then came some family heartbreak & packed on about 15lbs & of course, then got pregnant with baby #3. On the day I delivered I weighed the most I have in my life, 255lbs. To even type that is crazy...I made it a point to have him & get this weight off for good! At first it was to show people I could that didn't believe I would but now it's for me & only me....

It is still a struggle & I hover at 65-70lbs gone now & it kills me. I still would like to be in the 150's ( I am 185-190 now at 5'3) so I start again every morning with the same attitude & motivation no matter what happened the day before. I will do this & I am so glad that I have someone to share my thoughts with on this journey.

So why did you start? Think about that? Your answer may have started out like mine did & end somewhere you never dreamed. I plan on getting to goal & getting my personal training certificate. If I can be group fitness certified at this weight I know I can go bigger...I plan on updating the blog design soon & hopefully getting alot more followers on this thing!

Please share your Start Plans with me & let's really get focused this year....The Mayans had it sorta right...the world came to an end but not the physical world but that part of you deep inside...I can feel a change & a difference in me that feels like a rebirth of sorts...a new want & feeling to get this done & I hope you follow along in this journey.....


  1. Beautiful, Morgan. Inspiring, too. xo

  2. I started exercising and eating healthier so that I could beat my own genetics. Both of my parents battle(d) diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. I want to be healthy and I want to live a painfree, prescription free life for as long as possible. You can do it Morgan!

  3. Morgan I am starting hard core on the 1st, for my wedding my man and I have kept a bibical relationship and have not had sex so I don't want him to see the extra weight from my kids. I want to be small on our honey moon. I am 5ft and I weigh 132-138lbs I fluctuate. Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. This most is amazing and made me tear up.....
    We all have our why we started stories and I am re-starting mine this morning! This will be a great week for me! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thanks Kathleen! I hope I inspire others and make them think a littlw more about what they are doing. Thanks so much for your kind words & have a great week!