Monday, December 17, 2012

Weight Gain?! What???

So, I have been happily unemployed for roughly 2 weeks & I am up 3-5 flipplin pounds! I'm not sure why and my clothes still fit so I hope that I am losing fat & gaining muscle...I have been eating out a bit more especially with the holidays but I am trying not to get down....I have been adding classes into my workouts and I have increased my weight training so that could be the culprit (fingers crossed)

This is a marathon, not a sprint so I am not going to dwell in the negative! I have increased my workouts & I feel good so that makes me happy!

I also want to just send a prayer & thoughts to Newtown, CT. With 3 little ones of my own, it breaks my heart to see such a tragedy and I hope this town knows how much we are all thinking of them.

Have a good week & remember to love the ones God gave you, cause one day he will want them back

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