Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I have done every weight loss diet there is.....Jenny Craig, Atkins, 17Day, No Carb, No Sugar & my favorite is Weight Watchers. One of the reasons the weekly Weight Watchers Meetings are so effective, is that it forces you to weigh in once a week. It forces you to be accountable. Accountability is one of the most important factors in losing weight, or changing any behavior, for that matter. When you have to report to someone else, when you feel a level of pressure, it tends to change how you think and act. Some people need that pressure, some don't...I am one of those people. I have to have make sure that I do what I am supposed to. So here is where I come in for some of you...
We are going to be accountable! I am posting my weight from this morning & I want you to post yours. Post your downfalls, your successes, questions & whatever else you need to keep on track!
This is not another gimmick or quick fix, this is for life & this is the Challenge for the New Year.
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  1. I recently posted my weight and it was hard but the support from others was overwhelming! Your right we have to be accountable. Its too easy to duck and dodge the scale unless you put it all out there. Good luck on your journey I will be reading. Stop by my blog and hold me accountable too lol!