Monday, January 7, 2013

Self Image...Good or Bad?

I look in the mirror & I still see the fat girl that I've always seen in that damn mirror....I'm told I look like I've lost more weight & I think to I'm still fat but thanks....I hear you look pretty & all I can think of is how I'm not. Does that sound familiar? For me, It's an everyday thing. In this journey of mine I have probably lost & put on 100's of pounds. I'm finally in that groove of just losing the weight & although it's coming off a little slower now, I'm not putting it back on. Lately though, I feel very inadequate...very, very fat! Everywhere around me all my friends seem like they are getting skinnier & prettier & I'm still the fat girl of the group, like always. I'm just like you, just like any human being...I have faults & the biggest one is a poor self image. We all have our faults and this is one of mine....
I have to stop! I need to push through! I will not quit!
Get out of your head & surround yourself with positive people. I'm lucky enough to have those people in my life and I am so grateful for all their kind words & encouragement.


  1. Hi! I"m a new follower :)

    I'm also blogging about my weight loss journey. I love your blog design and your posts so far. I look forward to following along!

  2. Thanks Katie! Love to have you here!

  3. Thanks Katie! Love to have you here!