Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Race - The Color Run

My New Year's Resolution was something I thought hard about. I didn't want it to be the same old thing....gotta lose the weight....I wanted it to be something else, something that would challenge me. So I thought about it & finally settled on doing 1 5k a month. I thought it sounded good & because I had one coming up, it made perfect sense. A long term goal is to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon Feb 2014 so I hoped doing a race a month would build up my endurance & stamina to handle 13.1 miles. Now, I'm not a runner....I walk/run most days on the treadmill & usually do about 3miles on that thing, so I don't consider myself a runner. Runners are those really fit people I see with beautiful bodies & long legs that just seem so set in their course. So focused. They glide along the ground so easily it seems. One foot after the other. No hesitation. No stopping. That's a runner to me.

So today was my first race of 2013 - The Color Run. It was probably the most fun race I have ever run. If you have the chance of it coming to your city, definitely look into doing it. Everyone seems to be dressed in some sort of costume, every kilometer you get doused with powdered paint & at the end there is this huge party where everyone is throwing's freakin awesome! My sis came with me as a supporter/racer & we had so much fun. Now, I didn't train for this's a 5k, I didn't think it was necessary plus I've done 2-3 5k's every year before this & I was much heavier.
We started the race & started off strong, running that first kilometer...which was a huge milestone for me...I've never run that far or long EVER! (another reason I don't consider myself a runner) We walked, took pictures, ran some more, played in the paint & had a blast & I felt so good when we crossed the finish line. Not because I finished, cause I knew I would, but because I felt the best I have ever felt after a race like this. Usually I am beyond exhausted, breathing very heavily, completely red faced, dripping with sweat. But not this time, even in my knee high socks, tiara & fairy wings, I wasn't exhausted, I wasn't dripping sweat, I wasn't breathing heavily...It was an awesome feeling & that's when I knew...I was a Runner.   I may not run the whole race or every race but I am a runner, inside....I have come so far from where I was & although I get on myself a lot for not losing more by now, 65lbs are gone! They are gone for good & that's a lot....and that's miles from where I was...

 I was 215lbs & beyond exhausted in the above July 2010 pictures.....
Blue awesome

Getting ready to start

Painted up & loving it!

Sis & I before the race
My next 5k is February 2nd - The Lady Track Shack race benefiting breast cancer. I'm looking forward to seeing how much better I get each time I do these races....I'm a fighter & I will get better & better each time till. I'm not perfect, but I know now that I am a Runner, & I am so proud of that accomplishment!


  1. Doing a Disney run is on my bucket list!!! I told my hubby I want to run my first half in Vegas... So I'm hoping to do the Rock n Roll Vegas half in 2014!! New follower!! :)

  2. What I found out is a lot of these races you can volunteer to work it then run for free! I may try this soon....not sure if Disney does that but it's worth a try.

  3. I was so sad reading this post because I was are a runner and then you sucker punched me with 'I am a runner'! YAY! I love it! And I love races too, they are just so fun! Your pictures are amazing. So excited for you to race again in February!