Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everyday I'm Strugglin'......

65lbs down & I'm still not there yet & like you, I struggle.
I struggle to watch what I eat at every meal.
I struggle to fit in the workouts I need to lose the rest of this weight.
I struggle with positive thinking & feeling very self conscious.
I struggle to keep up with all my fit friends who make it look so easy even when I know it's not.
I struggle with finding healthy things to eat when all I want is a damn cupcake!!!
I'm you....I'm every person that struggles with their weight....but I would rather struggle then not do anything at all.
I have to constantly remind myself how far I have come...sometimes it only takes a look back at some before pictures...other times it takes nasty texts & curse words from my favorite fit gal Ashley to make me get off my ass and stop making excuses!
I'm not perfect, far from it..I love making excuses for why I can't exercise or eat's what I've done my whole's what made me feel better about my decisions in the past...
That doesn't fly now! I know better. I know what I am supposed to do, what I need to do to get my weight under control!
Stop wondering why you're not losing the weight...Stop thinking about how all your friends look so much better than you...Stop making excuses for not going to the gym...
It's very simple: Calories in, Calories Out
As I write this, I'm hopefully putting all of this into my brain & will heed my own advise. I'm nobody special, I'm just like you....& everyday I struggle...but I'm proud of that struggle, cause it got me here & that's 65lbs less of me then there would have been had I not begun this journey.


  1. Hey girl, GOOD FOR YOU! 65 down is such an accomplishment! New follower!

  2. You inspire me everyday

  3. Thanks Kathleen! And Angie....I love ya!

  4. You're so to look at where you've been and all that you've accomplished instead of always thinking about how much further you have to go!
    Enjoyed your post, new follower from Friday Fitness :)

  5. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!

    I'm your newest follower from Fitness Fridays!

    Aanika from


  6. I'm a fellow camper and I totally relate. I've lost 72 lbs since 3/7/2012 and sometimes I still struggle with negative thoughts and not-so-perfect eating. I have 7-8 lbs until goal and this journey is emotionally harder on me now than it ever was in the beginning. I think it's because I just want to be DONE with losing weight and focus on living my life, maintaining my weight and focusing on fitness goals (i.e: running). Looking forward to following your blog :)