Monday, February 18, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Percieved Limits....

I've set limits my whole life. I can never be that thin, I won't finish, I can't lose weight, I can only run that far, etc....

I've taken spin's not my favorite class. My ass hurts, my legs hurt, I feel awkward sitting like that...everytime...I don't care how many times they say; "oh it will get better" it doesn't...for me anyway. I took spin again recently and for 55min I peddled my heart out. I stood up everytime they said so...I turned my dial everytime they said so (although I did have help with that part ;). I was very proud at how far I had come at the end and was surprised at how I pushed past those limits I had set for myself.

I was then invited to take a 90min spin class. Again, I did what I was told & pushed through till the was hard, I won't lie...but I finished. As I drove home I thought about those limits I put on myself.

Why do we do it? Why did I do it to myself so many times?

After trying & failing countless times to lose weight I've finally come to the realization that's it's been me who has made myself fail....over and over again I've limited myself to what I can achieve, which is why I am 29years old and still not at my goal weight.

So here I am today...67lbs lighter and ready to push past my limits. I can run further, I can push through, I won't give up, I will not set limits on myself...

Repeat this: I am braver than I think & stronger than I feel....

So those limits you think you can't get past? Yeah....They're Bulls@#%!

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  1. You look great! Keep up the hard work.

    So much of this journey is mental. I realized that after I finally ran my first 10 minute mile. I was shocked because in my mind here I thought "I am still too slow for that!" but really my body was ready to work harder if only I would let it.

    It's a strange thing but an important lesson to learn!