Monday, February 11, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Do you have a goal weight? How did you determine that number?
When I started this journey of mine a year ago, I picked a goal weight of 130lbs. I don't remember being that small as an adult. I know from 9th-11th grade I was about I searched the attic for pictures & found this one:

I was 16yrs old, about 120lbs and had just completed a church program which is why I have such a fancy dress...anywhoooo, I thought I was fat then and as I look back I can see that I'm not. It really is all in your mind. I'm not sure how tall I was here (I am now 5'3) I can't believe how hard I was on myself. How bad I made myself feel. With so many people breaking you down daily, why do.we do it to ourselves?

So here I stand today....191lbs and still a work in progress. I've come a long way...I still am not sure what I want my ideal weight to be....I know it needs to be something I can keep on top off...but more so, I want to be healthier, smaller, stronger & happy! I guess that's all that whatever number I get to is, at least, it's in the right direction, which is down...
I really struggle with that number on the scale and I am so happy I have people in my life to smack that number right out of my head.. If you need one of these head smacking people, I have a few numbers, lol


  1. My goal weight is what I weighed before baby and before the husband, haha. Granted that was basically high school, but hey, "high school skinny", right? ;) Thanks for linking up for Fitness Friday, great post!!