Monday, March 4, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

So I stumbled upon the blog below & her Numbers post. I loved it & I decided to do something similar.

This blog is all about truth...sharing with you my struggles & victories. With those come my numbers...
How much I weighed at my heaviest: 255
Calories for my favorite meal at Steak N. Shake (Frisco melt with fries, extra frisco sauce on the side & a chocolate malt): 2,180

Minutes I spent exercising per week then: 30

Those are not great numbers at all. And the calories were shocking as I looked them up for this post! I would eat that as a lunch or dinner meal along with everything else for the day. That's just craziness!
As I work harder & get closer to my ultimate goal, I have become more aware of things that I used to do. I am so embarrassed that I ate those things. (not just every now & then but all the time)
I am saddened that I didn't love myself enough to put the food down and get my ass off the couch!

So looking forward....

My current weight: 193

My goal weight: 130 

Days on this journey: 489

Weight Lost: 62lbs

Minutes I spend exercising per week now: 660

Calories I eat daily (average): 1550

Moving forward, I'm happier with myself....I am stronger & healthier then I have ever been. It's been hard...I've strayed on food & bailed on the gym at times but I haven't given up, I won't stop & try to not be so hard myself...I start everyday with a positive attitude no matter what happened the day before.
I will never go back to those numbers...those days of being unhealthy. I am only moving forward....forward to healthier numbers!

Think about the numbers in your journey....How long will it be till you confront them & change them?

Check out her blog here:


  1. Calories can be very shocking. I looked up nutrition info for the cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory, and one slice contains anywhere from 800-1300 calories. One slice!

    It took me a long time to confront my numbers, and now that I'm working on changing, there is no looking back!

  2. You're doing great Morgan! Keep it up! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out! I'm proud of you for confronting your numbers.. and excited to see where our journeys take us! :)

    1. No prob Emily. Loved it and will be following you for sure!

  4. I love this! I may steal this idea and give you kuddos for it :) following you too!

  5. It's a journey for sure! I was 214 at my heaviest then I lost 50 pounds... within a short 4 years it's crept back on. I stopped exercising because of an unexpected injury. There's no excuse for me; I decide what to put in my mouth. I have no reason for allowing this to happen but I am doing it differently this time. Reading blogs like yours inspires me to stay on track. It makes me want to strive for healthy. Not "thin or skinny" because while I thought at one time that's what I wanted, it turns out what I really want is healthy. Once I get my body to feel healthy it won't matter what I weigh... so this brings me to your "throwing away the scale" post. I think I might do just that! Thank you!