Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

So a few days ago I went out with my cousin and we went to Buca Di's an awesomely delicious family style italian restaurant. It was soooo good, I won't lie, we didn't eat the greatest...I as we sat down at the Chef's Table we remembered we had done this before. It was almost 6yrs ago...I got home right away and searched for this picture, I knew we had taken one and I knew we both looked a lot different now. 

Here is the pic we took 6 yrs ago next to the one we took that night:
Wow right?

In these 6yrs we have both gotten married & had children and changed so much both mentally & obviously physically.

This photo was taken just 2 months after I had my first child. And although you could say...oh, you just had a baby, you like fine, That's not reality. I gained 60lbs with my first pregnancy and not by accident....I ate everything in site! I indulged every craving and since I was not active before I got pregnant my doctor didn't want me to go crazy so I took that to mean, do nothing
So this is what I did to myself. I am the reason I have to work so hard now. That may be a little harsh but it's the truth. I haven't always been thin but I know because I gained so much unnecessary weight then, and had 2 pregnancies after this one, that it would be hard to lose the weight now. I wish I would have thought of this then....I sometimes wish I could go back and tell myself things like this. 

But I'm here now and this is what I have to do everyday. Try to watch what I put in my mouth and get my ass to the gym...or try too anyways. I'm not perfect & I haven't always finished what I started but I Am Going To Finish This!

As my cousin and I sat and chatted away at how things were going on in our lives and how far we both still have to go to get where we want to be, I couldn't help but think how far we both have come.  
From 2 young girls in that first photo; One of us starting a journey into motherhood, the other was planning her fairytale wedding..... to Now....

We both have become the people we wanted to be and although still working on ourselves, we can see a light at the end of this may have seemed like the longest freakin' tunnel in history, lol but it's what made us who we are today. Wives...Mothers...Friends.

We'll get there because we both will finish what we started and although different goals, the one thing that remains the same is, that we have eachother.

Love ya B!

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  1. I think you both look great and even though this is a difficult challenge, it's your perseverance that drives you to do better. Everyday you're getting stronger and stronger! You look great Morgan, I'm really proud of you :-)