Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Ugly Truth

First, I wanted to tell you how wonderful I felt after posting the last blog post. I recieved so many nice responses! It's hard when you put yourself out there and I was really nervous about the feedback. You readers are awesome!

Here's the ugly truth....

I don't always eat healthy. Whaaattt!!?? I know, hard to believe lol. I eat horribly somedays. Just two weeks ago I had a Big Mac....disgusting! I've eaten through the drive thru and hid the bags, I've eaten a few things in the car before I have gotten home so that I don't show how much food I really ate. I've even eaten a second meal just so that I wasn't caught eating before that.

I don't always work out. I've gone all the way to the gym, through traffic and once there, got bored and left after just a few minutes. I've made up excuses and reasons why I couldn't work out or why I couldn't stay for the 2nd hour of class.

The ugly truth is, I'm not perfect...I don't always do what I know I should...who does though? I try my best to get it done, some days are better than others. This is why I posted my very revealing post for Fat Tuesday. I didn't have to put up something like that, it's not required but I felt the need to do it....I feel like a fraud sometimes. I'm gonna give you advice, help, encourgement, hope, motivation...I better be taking in all that info as well....but I don't at times...It's funny....I want to lose the weight sooooo bad but I won't stop doing the things that got me to this point.

The ugly truth is really just my reality. I'm doing whatever I can to keep my head up & continue on....I make sure to start each day with a different attitude,  a different outlook.

I will not stop or quit this journey...I may vear off of the path every now & then but it's the times that I get back on that show me what I'm really made means I want this and won't stop till I get there.

We all have an Ugly Truth....just make sure to push through matter how ugly it is....


  1. Again, your honesty is truly touching my soul. I have been that girl who hides bags and eats second meals to avoid the conversations that follow. I always feel "guilty" when I do that, I can say honestly as of right now I am 24 days clean, clean eating that is. I feel like if I take it day by day... moment by moment; I might keep true on this journey. Your honesty, your unbridled honesty is amazing. I feel exactly where you are coming from, you're not alone in your ugly truth, mine is the same. Thank you. Thank you for giving and putting so much of yourself out there to continue inspiring others. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Maria! You made me tear up in the grocery store :) Feelings like yours make me love doing this the most....

    2. You have helped me so much. You inspired me to start a no more scale blog, it's keeping me honest. I don't want to be a slave to the numbers on that damn judgmental scale. I swear if I hadn't read your blog; I wouldn't have made the jump that I did, I wouldn't be feeling good in my skin right now. I appreciate it more than you know. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Thank you!

    3. Your so welcome! Just putting all my feelings out there and its stories like yours that make me know that what I am doing is helping others!

  2. We are all guilty of these things! Please don't beat yourself up over it. You've come too far to give up! :-)