Monday, May 13, 2013


It's been a while since I've done a post....but it has been a long ass month ya'll. Sick kiddos then sick husband then sick has not been fun, to say the least. So that means this mom hasn't gotten in much exercise...
So once everyone was better, I had to get back at it for sure! This month has started differently because I couldn't find a 5k around I came up with my own. Have you signed up yet? Head on over HERE to register, grab your race bib from Facebook and remember to share your pictures on the fb page!

I've also had a busy weekend....B's graduation from college & Mother's I didn't track everything I ate & I didn't workout as much as usual. Life gets in the way sometimes...but what you do to start again and move forward shows what your life means to you.
I don't want to be this weight anymore.
So I make the decision everyday to start again, whether it was a good or bad day. It's not always easy...sometimes I just wanna be bad :) but then I think about how badly I want to be at my goal and my attitude quickly changes! Especially when I try on a skirt from 9 yrs ago & it fits! Wo-Hoo!

181 lbs!

For my next Fat Tuesday, I want your input! What do you want to read about? Any questions you have for me? Any recipes or exercises you want to know more about? This blog was created to keep me accountable but also for you to enjoy & get motivated. So tell me what you want to see!

Make the best of everyday...don't beat yourself up over a few bad choices.

Make it a great week!


  1. That's awesome that fit into a skirt from 9 years ago. Wahoo! Keep it up!

  2. Will you link this up on my blog today at Motivation Monday?