Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday

I decided to link up with The Good Life Blog for the first time & do the Five on Friday! All you do is share 5 things about you or what your into...anything..... So here I go.....

1. I am at the beach today....and lovin it! It's gorgeous out here in sunny Florida.....jealous?

 2. Freakin out a bit! My birthday is literally 2 days a way...I'm not too scared about turning 30 as much as I am terrified what Attack will be like on sunday. I've been told I'm on stage for the whole class. To top that, my friends are taking me out saturday night so it should be interesting...

This was last year & 25lbs heavier

 3. I am loving me some vitamin water lately. Now, I know this has been out for a while but I've never had it. I did some major couponing a few weeks ago & scored 30 bottles for only $ I thought I might as well drink it...yeah its good!

4. Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday! My kiddos are so cute...I mean, come on! :)

5. I go on vacation in less than 2 weeks! I am so excited to get away....the family & I are headed to Ft. Lauderdale for a week....lounging by the pool, surprise airboat ride for the hubs on Father's Day *shhhh & a visit from my folks so maybe that means a date night for us...hmmmmm, better start buttering them up for that one ;)

 Well that's it for me today... Happy Friday!!!

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