Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Big Three O!

Some women dread turning 30. They agonize over where they are in life. They think about feeling old. Maybe about things that they didn't do in their lives. Goals that they didn't meet. Places they didn't visit.
I am not these women.
I met my husband when I was 20yrs old, got married by 23 & had our beautiful kiddos at 24, 26 & 28 so my 20's were filled with love, new experiences, motherhood. All wonderful things...but not what many people in their 20's experience. So with 30 upon me, I'm almost giddy...

I've struggled with my weight my entire life so when I decided to do whatever it took to get it off, I hoped that I would be at goal by 30. My goal has changed since I originally set it back in Oct 2011. I just wanted to lose the baby weight. Then I thought it would be nice to be under 200lbs then along the way my goals got lower & lower till all the goals I set, I hit.
So turning 30 for me isn't scary...and although I'm not at the goal I set most recently, I am the lowest in weight that I have been in my 20's. So I'm starting my 30's healthy & fit.

This week is gonna be a lot of fun! 4 classes with Greg & the 2FitCrew (yes, we named our group) these same people I love are also throwing me a birthday party saturday night! My birthday also falls on a BodyAttack class so I know I will end up on stage at some point...and that's okay.
I would have never thought this is where I would be at 30 but I'm not disappointed....I don't have any regrets or unfinished business.....I simply have my healthy & fit future to look forward to, which is miles away from where I used to be. 

I've worked hard for those miles....its been a long road, bumpy at times but I have made life long friends & life changing decisions for the better. All those things I maybe, missed out on, earlier in life are things I will get to enjoy now. 
                                        So don't think about things you didn't do, think about things your doing now that will change the course for you & your future. 
Make the change! And although it can be scary, it's worth it at the end.
30 is here & there's no rewind button...and I'm okay with that! I would rather go forward!!!

*These pics are from my birthday lst year....Stay tuned for my pics from this year!

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