Sunday, June 16, 2013

See the new you....

I think everyone is looking for some motivation. That feeling or idea that will make them push further, work harder, fight through the pain, the up's, the discouraging times. Sometimes it may just be finding an old picture & being happy about what you see. I dont have one of those....I've never been at my goal weight, and if I have been, I don't remember or have a photo proving otherwise. 

Sometimes I wish I had something like this. To look at and hang somewhere that would remind me of how far I have to go but how wonderful it would be to look & feel that way. That picture would then be something I could be proud of once I hit that goal. I could see how far I had come & be proud of that person that I always knew I could be. 

The folks over at Model My Diet have created a way for you to See the New You! All you do is plug in your stats & create a person that best fits you. This is what they did for me and although I'm not at goal, its nice to see how far I have come and it only gives me that much more motivation to see what the end result will be!

So don't give up...don't stop heading toward that goal and if you need some extra motivation, check them out & tell them I sent ya!

Before: 255lbs, After: 180lbs


  1. How neat! I've seen another person use that app. I like it! Hi, Chick-A-Dee! I am Veronica one of the girls who will be co-hosting Motivational Mondays with you!

  2. I love playing around on that site! You look amazing! By the way, I'm Tiff over at the fit train and am one of the new co-hosts of Motivational Monday with you. :)