Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yeah, the Big was kinder to me then I thought it would be. This time last year I was doing the same thing....trying to get this ass in shape. My friends too me out & then made me get up the next am and workout....hmmmm, sounds familiar. 

It was a great weekend, and looking back I not only look different but I feel different. I also have this great group of people that help build me up, encourage me, love's been different this year and that's why I'm okay with 30. I am in better shape & have a better outlook on my life than I ever did at any age.
I'm looking forward to this part of life...seeing the rest of my journey play out...because in the past I've never let it play out. I've always given up...not this time....I won't let my fear stop me. I won't let being comfortable stop me. I won't let being tired stop me. Nothing will stop me.
So here I go....stepping on, workin on towards my end goal. Although I gained a couple pounds over the last couple weeks, I'm not letting that get me down. I'm gonna lose these few pounds before we head to vacation and my goal for the week is to keep it off! And yes you heard that right....vacation! The family & I are headed to a wonderful 6 day beach vaca. I am so excited to get away and lounge by the pool....
I'm hoping that where ever you are in your own personal journey that you find that thing inside of you to keep going, no matter what. It's taken me a long time to get to this point...both mentally & physically. It's made me push people out of my life that try to bring me down, it's gotten me out of my comfort zone. I'm happy where I am at...and just keep getting better!
The girls and I doing our thing
push ups, like the crown? ;)
Jess always does her own thing, lol
Last Year....doing Step...
20lb weight difference in the last year but years away from that mindset!


  1. Hey you look great!! Be and stay proud :) I've learned some personal development skills for the.mindset to share with you if your open.

  2. You look great...keep up the good workand be proud proud of yourself!

    I have lost my motivation and for the last few months i keep losing and gaining the same 10lbs :( i been working out but my eating is bad...i can't set my mind in the right track's so hard to stay positive when you are along in this journey. I'm not a quitter so i will keep trying.

  3. You can definitely see the difference!

  4. You've grown mentally so much over the last couple of years, Morgan. Keep being strong in mind and in body and you can do ANYTHING!!! Love ya. Kacie