Thursday, August 29, 2013

Advocare Cleanse Results!

Hey There! Well the results are in!

  Let me first break down what I did in these last 10 days. I followed the specifics as close as possible although I did have dairy. I can't go without my shakes!!!! I did however change up my regular workout routine. Greg is gone so I decided instead of taking all my classes with subs, I would just head to the gym and do other stuff....the body can always use a change up! I went to the gym 7 out of the 10 days on this cleanse and this was my workout routine:

5min Run on the Treadmill (5-6spd, no incline)
20lb dumbbell bicep curls
shoulder presses
tricep extenions
hammer curls
1-handed pull ups
No weight - tricep dips

12.5lb dumbbell shoulder raises

15lb Walking Lunges
Static Lunges

70lb Chest Fly Machine

120lb Leg Press Machine
(I do different moves on this to get the inner & outer leg)


10min Walk on Treadmill (2-3spd, no incline with 10 lb weights in hand)

It's a good workout, has me sweating my ass off! And as you can see, I'm doing a lot more weights this week. So I was super excited to get all my measurements again to see where I am at.....

My Starting Stats
Weight: 175lbs
Inches Total (arm, chest, shoulders, hips, wait & legs): 173.5"
My Ending Stats
Weight:174lbs   -1lbs
Inches Total: 167"  *Loss of 6.5"!!!!

Just goes to show you again that weight doesn't always matter....I know I didn't lose many pounds because I was weight training....and that weight training alone had me lose close to 7", again!

I didn't take before pics (completely forgot!) But I did take after and is it just me or am I starting to see a little muscle definition? I mean, it's around the flabby, stretch marked mommy belly but still....
I see some lines!

Well, I head to Key West tomorrow & I am super excited!!!! I didn't get into the 160's like I wanted but I feel really good about myself, so I will take that.

I'll post from time to time.....Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Have fun in Key West! You are doing great :)

  2. 6.5 inches is fantastic. Awesome job, lady!

  3. Great weekend to reward yourself for all your hard work and looking darn good at that ;)


  4. Great Work! Where did you measure your shoulders? All the way around the top of your body, around one shoulder from armpit around? I never measure those and they're the first part to firm up on me;)