Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Key West Weekend!

I'm Back!!!!!

I had a wonderful weekend with my girls in Key West. It was nice to get away & be Morgan and not MOM!!!!!!! We hung around all weekend, shopping, swimming and eating! We tried to cook home as much as possible and did, for sure....but we did eat out too and when we did we certainly didn't hold back. Hey, it's vacation and although it wasn't all about food....the food was delicious and for this fatty it's hard to stay away from. I wanted to be good but honestly I wanted to enjoy myself more so I put aside my diet and had a nice time. That is, till I got homw and stupidly stepped on the scale....wanna know what it said? 179.8lbs.....ugh! So I gained almost 5lbs while gone.....that's not as much as I thought it would be but to see that number did not make me a happy camper....and it's my fault honestly. I didn't make healthy choices and I had some alcohol....actually a lot more alcohol then I have in a while....and these stupid gummy bears my friend brought did not help! But they were delicious! ;)

So I'm up 5lbs but I feel rejuvenated.....I came home to kids & husband that missed me and back to work as a stay at home mom and it didn't bother me....I actually missed being home...I needed that break, that do nothing weekend....so I'm back at it tomorrow. 2 hours at the gym and back on track with my tracking. (I'm on My Fit Pal under Firebride)

I have 3 1/2 months to get the last 40lbs off and I will do it....I just have to get back to work. I'm not gonna be mad at myself....I'm not gonna dwell on that damn 5lbs although I hate it! I'm just gonna move forward...I've gone to far to go back.

Enjoy my pics!


  1. When I gain after a vacation, it usually falls off right away (water retention, salt, etc.)...I'm sure you'll see the scale fall back down quickly. :)

  2. I really thought that the gummy bears had alcohol in them, may have to try that out. I am about about the sweet snacks, they looks so delicious!