Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Race - Run 5k Celebrating 36 years

This month's race was a good one! It got me sticking to my resolution but this one also gets me another finisher medal! I love me a medal!!!!

By this point, I am comfortable with a 5k....I've discovered I'm really not a long distance runner and I'm okay with that. 
This race was celebrating track shack and there 36 years in business. Easy 5k run around the lake and near our local Science Center when we were done there's a kid race. My little one has been asking me every time that I do a race if she could do one too and it just so happened to not ever work out, this race it did work out and she was able to run her first mile & she finished in less than 11 minutes! She looked so proud! 

It's an amazing feeling to see the impact you have on your children when you start to lose the weight. They want to be like you and for the longest time I wanted them to be like me but not the way that I was. Now, that I am eating healthier, making better choices, working out.... I'm glad that she is going to follow me in those footsteps verses the other ones that I was leaving behind before my journey. 

So we did her 1 mile I did my 3.1 we both got our medals, all & all it was a good day!

I have the AdvoCare cleanse coming up on Monday if you haven't gotten yours yet head on over to Alyse's AdvoCare page and get your ordered! It's a great way to jump start your weight loss, to jump start your motivation and you can't beat it for that kind of price. I'll keep you updated daily on my eating and post pictures from time to time on Instagram and on Facebook so make sure that you're a follower of both

Have a great week!

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