Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivational Monday

Sometimes you have to see how far you've come to understand how great you are doing.....

It's a strange thing....weight loss. 

You think, well I'll just start losing weight and I'll look good annd feel good! Ehhhhh, Wrong Answer!

Sure you'll feel better and of course you will look better but only to everyone

It's hard to wrap your head around it but it's the truth. 80lbs down and I still feel like that 255lb girl standing in front of the mirror.....happy with the life she created but saddened at what it had done to her body, what I had done to my body. The late night eating, the junk, not exercising, not caring about myself enough to make a change after all these years. And here I am....happy with my choices, my healthier eating, the exercising but still not happy with what I look like. 

Truth? I don't think we're ever happy.....and that's probably a good thing. It keeps us from stopping, from settling. I get asked a lot what my goal is and I'm not sure anymore really....I wanted the scale to read a certain number but as I've grown stronger and more fit, that number seems obsolete. I'm not down very many lbs then I was months ago but I'm in different sizes then I was, where does it end?

Not really sure...but I'm sort of okay with the fact that I'm just gonna keep going....for once, I'm not gonna stop!
November 2010 / September 2013


  1. I think I know where you are coming from. For me, while I don't want to stay stagnint and comfortable with status quo, I do try to appreciate where I am. I never truly appreciated my weight loss the last time that it happened. I so badly wanted to lose more weight/be smaller instead of focusing on my current body and enjoying it. This time around I am having to train myself to enjoy my current success because if I can't enjoy this current me then I know I won't appreciate any future smaller self.

  2. Wow you look great!!! I can't wait til I'm to that point of my journey. I understand that it won't be easy, but that's why I recently created my blog. to gain support and inspiration from other bloggers like you!

    I just found your blog because I did my first motivation monday post! I just started my own weight loss journey, and I already feel better! Check out my blog when you have time! :)

  3. I get it. I look back on when I lost 50lbs and was in the 130s. I felt much happier and I liked the way I looked, but I still felt heavy and that I had a way to go before feeling completely comfortable. I look back and wish I had felt good enough to wear shorts, or a dress, or swim suit. It's not that easy, but I would choose that over acceptance and getting back to the point of where I'm at now.

    You look great!! Congrats!