Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A look back....

This time, almost 2yrs ago...I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with baby #3. I was biggest I had ever been...to say the least. And it was my fault. I over ate, I didn't really workout and I had 2 other children that kept me pretty busy but also kept me buying the junk that I continued to put in my mouth. At this point, I was already planning on what I was going to do once the baby came. What plans I would follow, what workouts I would do. Now, I had done this before...2 other times and both of those times the babies came & I didn't change. Maybe the thought of having more kids made me feel like I didn't need to lose the weight cause I was just gonna put it back on. Whatever the reason, I was determined to do what I set out to do. 

Baby Shower: Sept 2011

Brody came October 26th 2011 & I immediately began watching what I was eating. I walked as much as I could to the point I would be in a lot of pain where my incision was. I was over doing it. I knew I was, but I had this idea in my head about how things would go this time around. I didn't want to be this weight anymore!!!! After resting a bit per doctors orders, I had my 8 week check up only to discover I had lost a measly 15lbs...I know what your thinking, a loss is a loss but in my world it wasn't enough. And the look on the doctors face didn't help. He suggested Weight Watchers and I literally raced to a meeting that afternoon. I did it for a while and had my ups and downs but it did finally get my to 218lbs, which was pretty much my starting weight when I got pregnant with B. I was feeling better about myself but I wasn't entirely happy. So I started putting my feelings to paper...or well, computer. And so this blog began......

The day i started blogging about my journey: approx 200lbs

It's been a long journey from then to now. Am I at my goal weight? No. But am I happy? For sure. I'm probably the happiest I've been in my entire life. I am surrounded by wonderful people, I have a plan and (I'm actually following it) & I'm happy in my own skin for once! It's not perfect, this body of mine...but it's all me and I've worked hard for it! As for this goal of mine...I get asked a lot about what it is...and I'm not entirely sure. It used to be 130lbs but now it's sort of evolved into just being something that I can maintain and enjoy life as. So, I'll just continue to work hard till it's too hard...that's sort of what it's all about anyways.....

Sept. 2013 approx. 172lbs

So looking forward, I'm hoping this blog continues to bring me what it already has. Accountability, Motivation & You, the people who read this little thing I just stumbled into....I hope that you continue to follow along...because I'm here right beside you. I'm working against the scale, against those who didn't believe in me, against my former self. I know what it's like and I can tell you my experience on what it's taken to get me to this point...and it may or may not work for you...but that's okay. Your out there, doing it...working hard to better yourself and you should be damn proud! It took me a long time to be happy with every milestone, no matter how big or how small...and with every milestone comes change....and usually for the better. 

Don't Stop!

You Can Achieve Anything!


  1. I love following you Morgan. You are so dedicated and you are absolutely doing it the right way. So proud of you.

  2. That is sooo great that you are happy with who you are through out the entire process. The last time I was on my weight loss journey I was never satisfied with any weight. I was 138lbs and wasn't happy. I wanted to be slimmer. I never took the time to accomplish having coming all the way from 220lb. This time around I celebrate every pound and inch lost! I wish you continued success. :)

  3. Wow. What an inspiration for those of us (me!) who are starting or re-starting. You've done an awesome job! Pure inspiration.

    1. Great job on even starting a journey of your own. If ever you need some help along the way or have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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