Monday, October 21, 2013

October Race - The Neon Run

This month makes my 10th 5k of the year! 

When I made this resolution, I really wasn't sure if I would keep it...I mean, I make these things every year and December 31st comes around and I haven't done a damn thing. I'm sure some years were too high in expectations, and I probably quit before I even started. When this year came around, I wanted to set a goal, no matter how high, and reach it. So far, I'm doing just that...and it feels great! 

This race is sort of like the Color Run, only it's ran at night under the glow of blacklight! You paint yourself all up & party. I ran this one with my sister again and a group of girls she works with. We had a ton of fun and got hosed down from head to toe with glow in the dark paint. They had dj's at every kilo which made the run that much more fun. l would do this run again for sure!

Next Race: The Turkey Trot

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