Thursday, October 24, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends....

A few months ago I started googling things like "How to get lean" & "Fit & Strong women" and I stumbled across a lot of articles on bikini & fitness competitions. (I swear I had this idea before another blogger, ML...she just beat me too the blog posting) So I don't plan on doing a competition but I would like to get my nutrition on point and both of those competitions require a lot of dedication and good eating!
At 255lbs, I could still eat pretty crappy and the weight still managed to come off but now, at 174lbs, I find myself in maintaining mode longer....why? Well I still am eating crap! Not everyday, all day and for sure not in the same quantities as I was before but the thing is, the diet has never been on point for me. It's always been something I knew I needed to get under control but since the weight was still coming off, I thought I'd just get to that later....well later is here people and I'm about to hit the 2yr mark on this journey of mine and I'm still 35lbs away from goal.....
So cue the googling.....I then saw ML's post on what she was doing and I sotta chuckled as I read it because this was something I too, had been thinking of. I called a few people in my area but all of those coaches wanted to sell me there crap....and nothing against all of that, its just not for me...I then stumbled upon Kelly Burgess. Um, yeah ill wait while you pick your jaw up of the floor....I don't know what it is but we just clicked....she seems to know what I want to do and although doesn't live in the same state, stays on my ass and contacts me pretty promptly. She answers all my questions and gives me advice and tips on how to get everything under wraps.
So the plan is this, she is going to be giving me a nutrition plan and workout plan. We will be talking at least once per week and getting my measurements & bdoy fat taken once per month. I also will be sending photos of myself so she can see my progress. Its different because I don't have someone, in person, to report too...but so far she's pretty awesome....
I'm so excited to get my nutrition under control, for once, in this journey of mine. The only sad part is that she thinks I do too much cardio....*I knew I will have to cut some of my weekly regimen :( I think this is going to help right away because, well, I do these same classes every week. Although the moves change along with my intensity level, the body knows....and it senses I'm doing the I stay the same.....ugh!
I'll keep you posted on my nutrition and what she has me eating on Instagram, if your not following me there, you should!
So although not a huge difference in direction....its in a better direction. Hopefully I get this eating under control and get the body I've worked so hard for these last 2yrs....
So here's to moving may be slowly & it may be really hard, but at least I'm headed in a forward direction. Don't go back! One meal, One missed workout won't undo all your hard work, unless YOU let it.....and I'm not letting it happen...
...and even when your hope is gone....move along, move along!

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  1. That is so awesome! How much does it cost, and where can I find her? I would love something like that!
    I am currently training for a half marathon! You can find me at to see my journey as well!
    Thanks for the inspiration!