Friday, October 11, 2013

You are what you eat!

So the saying goes.....and probably is the reason I'm not at goal yet.
People are always asking me how long it has taken to lose the weight. When I tell them almost 2 years, I usually get a positive reply...there have been a few times where I can feel them asking, "Why so long?"
Truth is, I love food....I've said it love for food goes back as far as I can remember. It was there for me when I wasn't there for I've gotten older, cooking relieves my stress....after a busy day with the kids, I find cooking helps calm me. It probably helps that I installed a baby gate at the kitchen entrance so I can actually cook in peace...
But as my journey nears my end goal, it's getting harder & harder to stay on track. I'm comfortable in my own skin, for once so to have a cheeseburger or a slice of cake doesn't seem like a problem...but then those "every now & then" treats turn into weekly then daily...that's when the scale stops moving. And that's right about where I used to just end it all....not anymore! I'm not going back to instead I've decided I need to focus on the food, because isn't that really what's ultimately important?
I've come up with a plan....well, sorta. I'm scheduling to eat 5-6x a day, about every 3 hours & will log and plan my days as much as possible. I will continue my classes at the gym but will add some weight training & additional supplements. I'm gonna try as hard as I can to make this happen...I have less than 3 months till the New Year and I will be at goal!
Follow along with me....


  1. With your passion for cooking and the more you learn about eating healthy, I'd love to see more recipes. Keep up the great work and inspiration Morgan.

  2. This is so true!!! My weakness is sweet things like gummy worms...those damn things are addictive!

  3. You look great, congrats on your weight loss so far!!! Hope you meet your goal.

  4. If you decide to make your goal, you will! You have done so well, and you will get there.