Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Self Sabotage

It's something we all do....convince ourselves that we can't do something because of whatever reason we make up....I'm too scared, too weak, not tall enough, not good enough, sick, or tired...whatever the excuse we give, it's just another way we sabotage our efforts to reach our goal, whatever that goal may be. In my case, it's weight loss. I can't tell you how many times I've had to "start over". Just this week I said I needed to be better with my food. I told myself what I needed to do and stayed up late to get a plan down in writing, only to follow it for a day and now I'm so mad at myself! I don't know why I do it. I've learned over the years it's best just to have the bad meal and move on...and I do, but I still can't help but be mad for it. It's like I'm holding onto something...maybe I'm scared of what lies ahead....scared of my future and what will happen once I hit my goal, so I just decide that I'll eat a meal that shouldn't and use it as another excuse of why I'm not there yet. Maybe I truly think I can't do it? I don't really know but I'm tired of reliving this same stupid argument in my head over and over again. 

Do any of you go through this? Recently? Why do you think it is?

I have the exercising down, which is laughable to me because that's usually the hard part for most. Sometimes I wonder if I sabotage myself on those workout days just because I'm not eating enough. 
Anyone else as confused as I am about how many calories we need to be eating?
Everywhere I check, I'm at about 2,400cals to maintain my weight, obviously I want to lose, so then there is the talk of how much weight loss per week. Ideally, the most I can, safely, so 2lbs per week? I dunno...if we do that then my calories need to be decreased by 1,000 (3500=1lb) now that decrease can be all food, but since I like to workout and do at least 5 days per week,  it would be better to just decrease food everyday by 500cals & burn 500cals. Sounds good, until I see my calorie intake and all I get to eat is roughly 1400cals!? That just doesn't seem right, is that enough food for how active I am? And in enters the confusion....do I increase calories on days I workout? Again, I have no idea. I guess it's time to slap the band back on and attempt to figure it out....

Self Sabatoge is something we have all done at some point. I can't tell you how to not do it anymore, because I don't really know how but I think by acknowledging it, maybe it helps in the long term. Maybe knowing the signs of what your gonna do or when your gonna do it, you can stop yourself before it happens. 


  1. You can fill up on plain veggies for very little calories. In fact, Bob Harper in his Jumpstart to Skinny book says not to count the veggies. Don't over think it because it can get confusing. Eat less than you normally do. Snack on more veggies (plain) and maybe a piece of fruit. I have a hard time controlling bread products. I can't stop at one serving, so it's better if I don't even start.

  2. Well, wouldn't it be eating 1,900 calories and burning 500 calories to get to a net 1,400 calories? That sounds doable!

    1. Yes! I knew something didn't sound right....that's much more doable

  3. I agree with Stephanie. All you need to do is find the right calorie deficit, and make sure you stick with it every day. 1,900 calories and a workout that burns 500 calories should work just fine. If you are working out every single day make sure you are eating plenty of lean protein. I diet high in lean protein will help you build the muscle. If you don't get enough protein and you are losing weight you might start losing muscle which isn't good. I usually cook up a bunch of chicken breasts on Sunday and store them in my fridge for the week. Then I eat about 1- 1/2 chicken breasts every day in order to make sure I am getting enough protein. Have a terrific weekend!

  4. I personally believe if you eat lots of meat and veggies, and very little or no grains and sugar...calories won't matter much.

  5. I'm with you, exercising is the easy part! I personally have a goal to lose 1lb a week, this means that if I only take the calories out of food I get 1400 cal a day. Believe it or not this is plenty most day. It all depends on what you are eating. Meats need to be lean and not covered in cheese, sauces and breading. It also helps to not load your veggies with oils and fats. My new favorite is roasted broccoli.
    I also don't add back in my exercise calories, I use them for a cushion. It gives me range for my calories of 1400-1800. This way if I'm particularly hungry one day it's not a big deal.

    Good luck figuring it out.