Saturday, January 11, 2014

Advocare Cleanse Results & Race Re-cap!

First things did the cleanse go? Well, the first 4 days started out well. I ate good and got in a lot of water and was down 1 1/2lbs! Then Day 5 came and I realized that my cleanse dates were off and I wouldn't be done till Saturday, which was my race so I skipped Day 6. Now, I didn't throw it all away...I still tried to watch my eating and water intake. Day 7 I stupidly went to crossfit. Crossfit is not stupid by any means, it was actually pretty awesome and made me so exhausted...more tired and sore then I have ever been from a workout and I loved it! But I do think it was a stupid idea to do it during the cleanse...for a few reasons. One reason being I just don't think I had the energy to handle that sort if workout and reason #2 being that I was so incredibly sore & I mean, hold into the wall to sit in the toilet seat sore, that my body just seemed to hang on to every ounce of water to repair my poor tired muscles which probably explains why I lost 0 pounds! That right, zero, nada....I did lose inches however, a little over 4". Not as much as I have in the past, but I'll take it. That makes my waist 36 1/2" I remember when my waist was in the high 50" so that's an incredible feat for me. I'm not sure why, but the cleanse just doesn't do a lot for me and I guess it' took me trying it 3 times to figure that out. I think it did help my cravings but other than that I don't feel a whole lot different. I'm not sure if I will do it again.

So my 1st race if the year was today! The Color Run! Kalediascope Tour!

I did this race twice last year. Today was a bit different because I volunteered at this race. I thought I would be able to run it at some point but I never did get to. I had a lot of fun though. Dancing, partying with the other racers. I was photographer today, so I got to meet a lot of fellow racers! I then met my sister at the finish line and got showered in color by her and her friends. 

I will end up running a race on the 25th this month with a friend so technically that will be my first race, running wise. I'm hoping to run the whole thing. And I'm excited to be joining my friend in her own journey!

If I'm honest, I've been majorly slacking and proof is in these 2 pics. 

Although only an 8lb difference, I can tell that I've been slacking by how tight & more firm I look in the picture on the left and how loose I look and feel in the pic on the right. I will not beat myself about it but I am getting my head back into the game. That 8lbs makes a world of difference in how my clothes feel, how my body feels, how I feel and I have to get back there....and I will, one day at a time.

February Race: The Chocolate Run


  1. Fun! I'm going to do my first color run this spring - I've been wanting to do one before I even started running. Looking back, I should have just done it instead of worrying about being more of a runner. Thanks for getting me excited! Have a great week!

  2. The colour run sounds so fun, I hope they have it here in Canada,....I'd love to do it! I'm not a runner and have never done a race before but my husband and I are doing the Warrior Dash in July .... I hope I survive it lol.

  3. I'm so excited the Color Run is coming near me twice this year! Of course the closest one is when I plan to go to Philly for the Hot Chocolate run!

  4. The chocolate run sounds appealing....How does that one work?

    1. You run & get free chocolate! I'm not sure full details, this is the first time I've done this run. I'll fill you in on the race recap!