Monday, February 10, 2014

Motivational Monday!

Healthy Valentines Day Dinner is what's on for this week....

I don't really get a Valentine's Day every husband is a firefighter, so his schedule isn't always ideal....he also deliver flowers for the local florist on special occasion days so I'm always left out in the dust, lol. We try to get creative and have day dates, dinner at home once the kiddos are in bed, or even just dinner out another night. With 3 little ones, we have to get creative....and sometimes that's not always romantic or exciting or even expensive....but at leader we are getting some time together. So this year, the hubs is off but is delivering I'm not one of those wives that thinks vday is all about her...I try to do something special for my while he's delivering flowers, I plan on making a yummy dinner...I'm trying to figure out a way to healthy it up, the hubs isn't always on board with that and I sometimes think on special occasions you should be able to indulge a bit. Here are my ideas:

Grilled Steak
Mushroom Risotto
*now in no way is this a "healthy" option but I love making it for special dinners and it's so creamy & delicious that I can't not make it, so my plan is to just not make as much as I usually do and have a much smaller portion.  I will also use some substitutions for some of the ingredients.

For dessert, I have a cute little fondue stand that I thought would be fun to do some fruit with, the kids will enjoy that too. If your hung up on healthy ideas for valentines day, check out Skinny Taste, or if your going out, remember that one dinner isn't going to ruin everything you've worked hard for. Choose smaller portions, ask for no butter or oil, take some home....and indulge a little, you deserve it!

My February Run is coming up this Saturday, The Chocolate Run. Haven't done this one before and you get Ghiardellia chocolate so how could I say no? 

Have a Great Valentine's Day Week! 

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  1. I hope you enjoy your Valentine's day. Looks like you already had a great plan.