Monday, February 3, 2014

Motivational Monday

Healthy Treats is up this week....and if you haven't read by now, I love my sweets. That's probably the worst thing about all of it.....all those sweet carbs....ahhhh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. But alas, those tasty treats are not my friend. They make my ass, hip & belly explode like no other.
Along the way, I've had to find things that satisfy that sweet tooth I have but keep my diet in check. Here are a few of my favorites:

Quest bars! I love most of the flavors. I actually don't find the chocolatey/pb ones as tasty as I do the white chocolate raspberry & apple pie, now those are delicious! Now, although these are protein bars and not really "treats", a pal suggested heating them in the toaster oven a tad and wow, it's a game changer people!!!

Bananas. I have an addiction for sure...I buy a big bunch like twice a week. These bad boys have a ton of sugar though so I try to eat them earlier in the day. Every so often, I splurge and have them for dessert. Sometimes I go simple and just do a dash of cinnamon and honey, other days I add some fat free cool whip & Walden Farms chocolate syrup. I was a little hesitant to try the syrup but it satisfies that chocolate need just fine for me.

Fruit Salad
There I go with the fruit again. This time my trick for this is I add just a tbsp or so of fat free pudding powder. Usually vanilla but you could use any flavor and just mix it with your fruit. It creates this glaze over the fruit and that extra sweetness I love. You can also just add this powder straight to some fat free cool whip and you have instant mousse!

Kettle Corn
Yet another weakness. It's crunchy, sweet,'s got it all. Too bad with the braces, I'm not supposed to eat it.....yeah, I still do. I buy the Orville Redenbacher Kettle corn in the red box. I know they make a lighter version but honestly, it doesn't save me enough calories/fat versus the taste so I just go with the red box. It's delicious! Sometimes I add a couple mini chocolate chips but usually it's just fine without it.

Now this one is my favorite. Did you know that you can mix any boxed cake mix with a can of soda, bake & you have cake?! It's amazing is what it is, Thanks Pinterest! So I do the confetti cake mix with sprite zero and top with some cool whip. It's under 200 calories for a pretty good square and is super moist. You gotta try this for sure!

Sorry for all the sweets, but I told ya....I likes my sweets!

What are some of your healthy treat ideas? Would love to have some more savory ideas!


  1. I'll eat the occasional granola bar, but all the "health" bars don't tempt me at all. I'm pretty picky, and I guess the have too many mixed flavors for me. I do like bananas too. Quick and easy to grab, no prep required. I just wish they lasted longer. I like to keep them on hand, but I SO often waste them as they ripen before they get eaten. Then I'm tempted to make banana bread which while delicious, is NOT healthy! I know you can freeze them for future use/smoothies, but I just wish they had a longer shelf life. At least they aren't as expensive as some of the other fruits.

  2. I'm a sweets lover, too :) I try to curve my craving for sweets by eating oatmeal or, if I think I "need" a treat, I bake homemade cookies or bars! I tell myself they are healthier if they are homemade, but who knows if that's true or not ;)

  3. Do you buy your quest bars online or in a store? I never see them in stores! Google mug cake-its an easy way to make a single serving of the sweet treats that you love :)