Monday, March 3, 2014

Motivational Monday!

These are my Top 10 Weight Loss Tips!

Now, I'm no expert....I wouldn't even call myself a novice but over the last few years of dieting, exercising & everything in between, I've figured out some things that are musts when it comes to weight loss. Now remember, everything is based on my experience and you can adjust to fit your needs at any time.

10. Ditch the scale! This is a lot harder then it sounds. Coming from someone that weighed herself constantly....but it does help. This doesn't mean you can't weigh yourself, but just try to not do it very frequently and base your progress off a few different factors ie; how clothes fit, measurements, pics

9. Drink an assload of water! That pretty much speaks for itself. Your body is something like 50-65% need to hydrate!

8. Get a Buddy System! You can read about mine Here...they are truly awesome!

7. Find something you like & stick to it. This goes for food mostly...I find I do better when I eat the same meals over & over again. 

6. Get Moving! If your not sure where to begin or haven't worked out in quite a while, just start moving...either walking or taking a class...anything is better then nothing. Once you are comfortable take it up a notch and try something a bit different or up your intensity in what your currently doing. You'll get there!

5. Don't be scared of weights. The word sounds scary but it's really not and it does more good then you can ever know. While cardio helps improve your endurance, strength training helps all over tone & improve your metabolism so that your burning fat even when asleep. 

4. Cut the junk....Cold Turkey! I've tried the weaning off stuff or buying stuff that sorta tastes like what I love but is lower in fat and all that other good stuff...and I always cave and go back to the real thing. A wise woman (Ashley) said to me recently cut the junk & keep the triggers out of the house! Easier said then done but it is a must. Or you just gotta have the want & the willpower to not indulge.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan! If I don't write down what I'm cooking or planning to eat, I eat whatever I feel like and usually that is junk. Experiment in the kitchen...test out some recipes.

2. Reward yourself. Yes, you can do this...and sometimes with food but if that's a problem and it just puts you back try something else. A new dress or haircut or outfit...whatever makes you look and feel pretty enough to keep going.

1. Live Yourself! It's a must when trying to lose weight. When I was teaching, I would tell people to squeeze there butts because if they didn't, no one else would. This goes for loving yourself. If you don't, it shows and those around you aren't going to either. You will sabotage yourself, you will feel sorry for yourself and then pounds will pack on. I know this from experience. I don't love myself...but I'm working on it. Start writing down your feelings, thought...this blog has helped me for sure. Surround yourself with people that build you up! 

What are some if your tips for Losing Weight? Something work for you that you just love? Comment below & let's share with each other....and don't forget to link up with us!

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  1. all great, Morgan! Good job!

  2. Good tips! Planning is so important in my opinion. Whenever I spend a lot of time on the weekend, shopping, prepping, and pre-cooking, we eat a lot better.

  3. Love your tips...especially the one with the water...I totally agree!

  4. i love it! i admit my biggest struggle is the junk food section, boy wants it so i buy it, then find myself eating it! i have a "healthy snack" bin in my fridge, it seems to help :)

  5. Ditching the scale is hard for me. It's silly to have your emotional well-being connected to some number, but yes I am that obsess. The scale drives me nut. I have to hide it for a while. Glad you include this in your top 10.